Raspberry Pi Weather Station

It took me long enough, but I finally moved my weather station software to the Raspberry Pi.  I am happy to say that it is running smoothly, my weather database is updating, all the services I share my weather data with are receiving data, and my Web site is up to date.  I set the software up to run as a service so that I can use the typical Linux tools for managing, starting, and stopping the software.  This is no different than what I was doing on the prior server.  I installed my logrotate scripts and verified that they run by hand, but haven’t conformed that the logs are rotating automatically yet.  The log files need to grow a little more before I will see them being rotated.

I also updated my logretriever software to accept several new command line parameters.  Originally I had hard coded the server hostname, port, and the file name to store the retrieved data in.  Now they can all be specified on the command line.  I also added a usage/help display when the parameters are specified incorrectly.  The downside is that I used the commons cli jar file to do the heavy lifting for this functionality.  That means a new dependency to run the software.

I also made a few script updates.  I had to change the scripts that run logretriever to use the new command line parameters.  While I was in there I also modified the script that updates the weather data to use a loop rather than repeating the same commands multiple times.  Not sure why I never made that change.  It makes for less code to maintain, and also makes it easier to fine tune the script as far as the number of times to run and the delay between each run.

It’s only been one day so far, but everything is working correctly.  The updated software has been uploaded to the Web site.  I will continue to monitor everything closely for the next week or so to make sure there are no issues.