Smooth Sailing

Just wanted to post an update after my fixes from last month.  The QC page from CWOP shows all green thumbs up for my weather station quality checking now.  That means that the comparison to whichever neighboring stations it uses shows that my station is at least in the ballpark.  That’s a whole lot better than it was before I installed the new humidity sensor.  The wind speed statistics also look good since I made the code change.  I need to go back and clean up an erroneous reading that was recorded prior to making the code change.  I’m not sure if it was caused by the clock bug or not, but it is definitely an error.  I also need to take a look at the fan I’m using to make sure it is still working.  The temperature readings look like I could be getting some unwanted solar heating.  So some maintenance on the solar radiation shield could be called for.  I’ll check it out and post back here if anything needed to be corrected.