User Agent

I noticed yesterday that the weather forecast on my Web site was almost 24 hours out of date.  I looked through my log files and saw that I was getting a 403 error which means access denied or a permissions problem.  When I browsed to the same pages using a browser I was able to access them just fine.  I was also able to use wget to retrieve the pages. I decided it might be a problem where PHP was not sending a user agent header and the NWS Web server was looking for one.  I added a user agent header to all of my pages that retrieve weather data from the NWS and everything is back up and running again.

I’ve also noticed, but nor done anything about two of my other pages,  The RSS feeds I was using for local alerts and traffic information no longer operate as the feeds have been discontinued.  I put a message on the pages and will need to search for a new source of traffic and alert information.

Other than that the station has been running on auto-pilot for quite a few months now.,  I’m probably overdue for some type of hardware failure but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.