Hardware Failure

Well, I sort of predicted there would be some kind of hardware failure in my future.  The predicted failure finally occurred.  After some diagnosis it looked like my 1-wire hub failed.  Also, my barometer became intermittent, occasionally returning a reading of zero.  Some research proved hat the hub was no longer available, and support for 1-wire in general wasn’t very good anymore.  Hobby Boards, which was the source of most of my hardware was even preparing to go out of business.  It was becoming clear to me that 1-wire was probably not the best choice to purchase as new hardware.

After some investigating, I decided that my best choice was a Davis weather station, either the Vantage Pro or Vantage Vue.  They both are solar powered and wireless, which was a big step up from my previous weather station.  The Pro would be my preference, but cost drove me to the Vue.  The two features I wish the Vue had are a fan aspirated solar shield and the ability to separate the anemometer from the rest of the station for better siting.  But when I looked at the cost I realized that my current station has all the sensors mounted together, even though I could separate them.  And I could figure out a way to add a fan if solar heating became an issue.  So I placed my order for a Vantage Vue and the Weatherlink hardware/software.

Once the new hardware arrived, I set it up indoors for testing.  After I verified that it was working I mounted the hardware sensors outside and made sure the console was receiving a good signal.  I had no issues and everything worked perfectly.  Then I installed the Weatherlink module and connected it to my computer in order to test that interface and modify my weather software to work with the Davis hardware.  After a bit of experimentation and reading the Davis documentation I got the software talking to the Weatherlink module.

At the moment the revised software is running in my development environment, which is a Windows 10 desktop computer.  I plan to migrate everything back to the Raspberry Pi in the next few days.  Since the Pi isn’t running my weather station software at the moment I took this opportunity to use apt-get to upgrade any software running on the Pi.  It hadn’t been upgraded, powered down, or rebooted in well over a year, so it was long overdue.  I plan to relocate the Pi to another room in my house, so it will take me some time to make room for everything.  I hope to have everything running back on the Pi within the next few days.